Hot Water Repair

Hot Water is a basic essentials for all the households and businesses, and having proper storage with the functioning hot water is important. A Correct Storage, Electrical Systems should be in place for the Heat Retention, and if not done well, it significantly increases the heating costs. EnC solutions has 30+ Years of experience and expertise in this domain.

Anode Replacement Service

Anode is a vital part of the Hot Water System. This is why,installation in compliance to the standards and periodic testing is required to avoid any heat loss and thereby increase in electrical billing. Anode replacement is recomended every two years as part of regular and ongoing hot water service. Why do anodes need replacing? – Anodes, like that located in your hot water system are made of a sacrificial metal and every hot water system with a tank or cylinder has one. An Anode is like a dip stick that sits inside your tank and saves the inside of the cylinder from corroding by scrificing itself and corroding away first. This means your anode is used over time, after which if it is not replaced your tank will then start to corrode.

Why is Hot Water Repair required ?

There are many reasons why the water ceases to be hot. For an electric hot water system, it could be caused by a failed heating element that could easily be replaced or a limit switch is tripped. In cases of gas water heaters, a dirty flame sensor could be the culprit. If the flame sensor is covered with soot, it might falsely detect that there is no flame. It then shuts off your hot water system. It could also be due to a defective thermostat or pilot hood in gas hot water systems. When it comes to defects in the pilot hood, igniter and flame sensor, the whole pilot assembly is replaced because these come in a set.

When you hear seemingly banging sounds from your hot water tank, this could be an indication of sediment buildup or your power vent mentor is not spinning and starting to self-destruct. Water puddles in your water heater or tank is an indication of the leak. The leak might be due to a damaged pressure relief valve. If the leak is coming from the inner tank, the whole tank should be replaced immediately. The colour of the hot water that comes out from your pipe should be clear and clean. If you notice any orangey colour or slight discolouration in your hot water, there might be rusting parts in your hot water system. If the whole tank is corroded, this already calls for a hot water replacement. When the gas valve is not turning on, it can make the water hotter than the set temperature or the opposite. For electric water heaters, the thermostat may not be functioning well.