Electrical Breakdown Maintenance, Inspection and Audits

Electrical Breakdown Maintenance
Breakdowns cause a tangible halt to business operations and can cause Safety hazards. Not only does this hurt production and service-related activities, but often requires costly replacements that could have been avoided with an appropriate maintenance program.
Preventative Maintenance:
ENC Solutions Today, provides preventative maintenance for a host of clients from residential to varying industries including Steel Fabrication, Chemical Plants and Malt Production and much more. We also carry out routine and breakdown maintenance on standby backup emergency power generators, emergency and exit lighting maintenance, switchboard maintenance and thermo-scans. Power Factor Corrections:
We can offer regular servicing of PFC equipment to ensure your unit is operating at its full potential. Conserving your PFC unit will avoid increased costs associated with an under-performing PFC. Electrical Audits We provide on-site electrical audits of switchboards, electrical wiring, electrical appliances, that will mitigate your exposure to unexpected power outages.

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