Switchboard Thermal Imaging Inspection Gold Coast

We provide detailed thermal imaging scanning of parts and wiring of switchboards across Gold Coast identifying electrical faults. Thermal imaging inspection of your property at Gold Coast is carried out by our certified thermographer.

We provide detailed insurance compliant thermal imaging report upon inspection of Switchboards. 

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Certified Thermographer for Switchboards Inspection in Gold Coast

Wayne Heydon, at ENC Solutions Today, is a certified thermographer and a Master Electrician with over 30 years of experience across SE Qld.

We use Fluke thermal imaging camera to conduct thermal imaging scanning of switchboards. Upon scanning of the switchboards, a thermal imaging report is generated. This thermal imaging report can be produced for insurance companies, energy audit companies.

We provide insurance compliant thermal imaging report upon scanning of switchboards across Gold Coast region.

Why Conduct Thermal Imaging of Your Property at Gold Coast?

The primary goal of thermal imaging inspection is to identify the exiting faults and potential occurrence in the future. Below is the summary of the benefits and reasons on why thermal imaging should be a must for your property,

  • Ensuring safety of your property. Electrical faults like loose connections and overheating can lead to fire hazards
  • Minimizing downtime. Replace and maintenance of electrical parts of switchboards can minimize the electrical downtime and shutdowns.
  • Insurance compliant thermal imaging report to lower the insurance premium.
  • Meeting Occupational, Health and Safety guidelines for the business units.
  • Manage electrical bills. Overloaded circuits can lead to higher electrical bills. This can be curtailed by understanding the area of the overloaded circuits.

Cost of Switchboard Thermal Imaging in Gold Coast

The cost of switchboards oscillates depending on the number of switchboards, location of the property and the electrical infrastructure. In an average the cost of detailed and accurate thermal imaging scanning of a single switchboard for property owners in Gold Coast is roughly around AUD 250-300. This is inclusive of thermal imaging report. We provide you with insights of the health of switchboards and recommendations, if any.

Additional costs may incur if thermal imaging inspection recommends any repairs and maintenance of electrical circuitry of switchboards.

Thermal imaging is an on-site inspection and normally the job hour is from few hours to few days depending on the number of switchboards and complexities of the electrical infrastructure.

It is advisable to conduct thermal imaging inspection of the switchboards on an annual basis ensuring the power needs is delivered to your property correctly.


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