Switchboard Installation and Testing

EnC Solutions today have the right expertise and 30+ years of experience in the field of Switchboard Installation, Upgradation and Testing with Compliance measures for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Switchboards,just like Human Brain are the Central Hub of all your functioning and power. Switchboard houses the Power Ciruits, Safety Switches and Electrical Breakers. The main supply is received in the switchboard a from where, is distributed to the various circuits. From Efficient Supply to the Safety concerns, Switchboard is an integral part of your lives.

Service Entrance Switchboard

Switchboards provide power downstream in the electrical system either directly to large loads or to panelboards that will further divide the power to smaller branch circuits to feed smaller loads. In smaller facilities, the switchboard may be fed directly from the electrical utility, in which case it is referred to as a “service entrance” switchboard. Local electric utility companies typically have specific requirements for service entrance switchboards. In large commercial or industrial facilities, a switchboard will receive power from an upstream circuit breaker mounted in a switchgear assembly.

When to Upgrade Switchboards

1. When circuits are in loose connection, can be hazardous so timely inspection and testing and upgradation is required.
2. During the overload or in the requirement of overload where requires more distribution of elctrical supply.
3. Compliance to the safety standards, to reduce the risk of failures and electrical fires.
4. Ceramic fuses or old breakers, past the life cycle of current switchboards.
5. Switchboards installed in uncompliant manner or materials, should require upgradation.
6. Many switchboards in older properties are obsolete or overloaded and often the wiring system is deteriorated so much it requires replacement.