Electrical Thermal Imaging in Qld, Queensland

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Thermal Imaging Inspection for Electricals in Queensland

Thermal Imaging or Infrared Thermography finds and measures hidden electrical and mechanical problems. ENC Solutions Today use state-of-the-art cameras to perform infrared thermography (IR thermography) on electrical distribution systems, scanning of busses, breakers, fuses, splices, and more. Performing this service provides our clients with information critical to avoid system failures and fires that could result from loose and severely unbalanced connections. 


ENC Solutions Today will supply a comprehensive report of your Electrical Thermal Imaging inspection which highlights any problem areas, faults, or potentially harmful issues. We will also discuss a range of solutions to solve the electrical problem in the most cost-effective manner possible.

If you want to know how safe your home is, you can get us to come in to do a thermal imaging inspection. We can locate any areas of concern and fix these before any disasters happen.

Our trained operators can conduct thermal image testing in your home to find out if any appliances need to be fixed. We provide a full service so we can then fix these for you.

We can find out where the pressure points are in overloaded systems using this technology. This allows us to then intervene and optimise the system so that it is functioning efficiently again. 

Thermography in QLD

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Thermal Imaging Areas of Applications


Commercial Buildings

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Industrial Complex

Educational Institution

Hospitals & Pharma.


Electrical Thermal Imaging Testing and Scanning Application Areas

Electrical Thermal Imaging in Brisbane

Thermal Imaging Testing and Scanning for detecting electrical faults in all areas and suburbs of Brisbane from Albion to Woloowin

Electrical Thermal Imaging in Gold Coast

Thermal Imaging Testing and Scanning for detecting electrical faults in all areas and suburbs of Gold Coast from Arundel to Yatala

Electrical Thermal Imaging in Logan

Thermal Imaging Testing and Scanning for detecting electrical faults in all areas and suburbs of Logan from Bahrs Scrub to Yarrabilba

Electrical Thermal Imaging in Ipswich

Thermal Imaging Testing and Scanning for detecting electrical faults in all areas and suburbs of Ipswich from Augustine Heights to Yamanto


Thermal Imaging Brisbane

Thermal Imaging for Electric Panels in Queensland

Thermal Imaging Brisbane

The lifeline in providing electricity throughout commercial, manufacturing and industrial buildings are their electrical panels. And, if electricity is not provided, production stops and money is lost. ENC Solutions Today, identifies unmistakenly electrical panel problems prior to failure. This allows our commercial clients to take proactive steps to eliminate costly and perhaps dangerous electrical outages. Electrical panels house all the necessary electrical components and wiring that connect everything together for smooth functionality. ENC Solutions Today inspections can identify any loose/weak connections between a breaker and the main panel bus.

ENC Solutions Today, Thermal Imaging Inspections can find

Thermal Imaging for Switchgears in Queensland

Our thermal imaging inspections can also detect heat coming off your switchgear and switches.

We know switchgear and switches, and have got you covered! Reduce hazards, liability and risk by routinely having us inspect your electrical system.

Thermal Imaging MCC QLD
Thermal Imaging MCC QLD

Thermal Imaging Inspections for Motor Control Centers (MCC) in Queensland

Thermal imaging used by ENC Solutions Today is also extremely effective within motor control centers (MCCs). We can evaluate the operating condition of all key components by contrasting their relative temperatures under load.

Our thermal imaging looks at electrical components that are hotter or cooler than similar ones under similar loads, which can identify