Industrial Sector

Electricity Consumption and the Safety factors are key metrics for Electrical and Compliance works when it comes to Factory and Warehouse. At the same time , Periodic Preventive Measures from Test and Tag to Maintenance and Repairs is a must to-do for the domain.

Why EnC Solutions for Industrial Sector?

Electricity is one of the most important power sources that we all use every day. But if it’s not properly managed it can cause serious injury and death. Between 2003–15:
1. 142 workers died as a result of contact with electricity (an average of 11 workers each year)
2. 87% (123) of these deaths happened when installing electrical infrastructure almost half of worker deaths occurred in the construction industry.
3. The risks associated with using electricity must be controlled and the control measures clearly communicated. EnC Solutions comprehends these factors to deliver high quality service.

Higher risk workplaces

Depending on the workplace additional duties to manage electrical risks are required. Higher risk workplaces using certain electrical equipment must:
1. regularly test that electrical equipment
2. use RCDs.
Higher risk workplaces are those where operating conditions are likely to damage the equipment or reduce its life span. This includes conditions that expose the equipment to moisture, heat, vibration, mechanical damage, corrosive chemicals and dust. Examples include:
1. wet or dusty areas
2. outdoors
3. workplaces that use corrosive substances
4. commercial kitchens
5. manufacturing environments.