Insurance Compliant Thermal Imaging Inspection

Thermal imaging scanning of electrical systems such as switchboards, RCDs, panels, motors, and drives is carried out by Level 1 Certified Thermographer in compliance with the insurance companies requirements.

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Thermal Imaging Reports for Insurance Claims

Insurance companies have taken proactive measures to minimize electrical failures and its associated fire risk, and have advised many business units for thermal imaging reports of electrical systems.

Thermal imaging is a non-invasive, preventative, and accurate approach to detect electrical faults. Thermography survey of switchboards, panels, RCDs, motors, and drives allows corrective action before the failure of electrical systems.

Thermal imaging report comprises of,

This section provides the details of the client and service provider of thermographic surveys.

This section covers the overall findings of the thermal imaging scanning with images of the temperature distribution.

This section is the analysis of the thermal imaging survey highlighting the current operational conditions and recommendations, if any.

Thermal Imaging Reports for Insurance Claims for businesses throughout SE Qld

22% of Industrial Fires are caused by Faulty Electrical Components

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