Insurance Compliant Electrical Thermal Imaging Gold Coast

We conduct insurance compliant thermal imaging inspection of electrical systems such as switchboards, RCDs, motors and many across Gold Coast. Thermal imaging scanning and inspection is carried out by Level 1 Certified Thermographer of ENC Solutions Today using Fluke Thermal Imaging Cameras. 

We provide detailed insurance compliant thermal imaging report upon inspection. 

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Certified Thermographer for Insurance Compliance in Gold Coast

Thermal imaging scanning and inspection of your electrical systems is conducted by level 1 certified thermographer of ENC Solutions Today, Wayne Heydon. In addition to being a certified thermographer, Wayne Heydon is a licensed and insured Master Electrician with over 30 years of experience as electrician. Upon inspection of electrician, Wayne will provide a detailed thermal imaging report which can be produced to the insurance companies. Wayne will provide a recommendations on the installation and maintenance on the electrical systems, if any is required.

Thermal imaging scanning and inspection is conducted on-site without any disruptions to your electricity and power requirements. Thermal imaging is a non-invasive preventive maintenance program. 

Our level 1 certified thermographer and licensed master electrician conducts thermal imaging scanning of electrical systems such as switchboards, panels, RCDs, contactors, relays , motors and drives all across Gold Coast region.

Insurance Premium Benefits on Electrical Thermal Imaging in Gold Coast

Many insurance companies are now asking property owners, residence, and businesses, for thermal imaging report for a proper valuation of the property. As for property owners, thermal imaging inspection of electrical systems is used to reduce commercial insurance premiums. Also, insurance companies are using thermal imaging inspection as a risk mitigation strategy. 

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Scope of Thermal Imaging of Electrical Systems in Gold Coast

Our scope of thermal imaging scanning and inspection covers the diagnosis on the health of the overall electrical infrastructure. The electrical components and parts that can be thermography scanned are as follows: