Quote on Electrical Thermal Imaging SE Qld

Wayne Heydon, a level 1 certified thermographer offers the best possible quote for thermal imaging/thermographic inspection of your electrical panels, switchboards for your homes and businesses throughout SE Qld – Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan and Ipswich. 

It takes less than 2 mins to fill-up the form. You can speak with our certified thermographer at 0432685965

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Thermal Imaging Inspection Cost:

The cost of thermal imaging/thermographic inspection of electrical infrastructure varies on project to project depending on the number and types of electrical devices to be inspected.

The overall job of thermal imaging inspection covers the scanning, post image processing, thermal tuning, image interpretation, analysis and report generation. The most important of which will be the advise by the certified thermographer on the overall health of the electrical infrastructure. Thermal imaging is the most advanced form of preventive maintenance.