Smart Wireless Lighting System in Ipswich, Qld

ENC Solutions Today offers Wireless Lighting System in Ipswich, Qld - A Smart Home Approach. Take control of the lighting system in a tip of your finger via Smartphones and Tablets

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Smart Wireless Lighting in Qld Queensland

Smart Wireless Lighting System for Homes in Ipswich, Qld

Take control of everything from just one device, from mood lighting through to unlocking the electronic gate.
Save the hassle of wiring and place a switch just about anywhere.
This is a simple no-wiring-in-the-wall installation process. It will save you time and cost, and you’ll avoid complicated multi-way switches in hard-to-reach places such as long hallways and outdoor areas.

Smart Wireless Lighting in Qld Queensland

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Smart Wireless Lighting Commercial Properties Qld Queensland
Smart Wireless Lighting Commercial Properties Qld Queensland

Smart Wireless Lighting System for Commercial Properties in Ipswich, Qld

Be it offices, retail shops or business of any types, enjoy the benefits of independent light control and modular building low voltage downlights as you can access multiple control points from one single circuit. Using long range controllers, you can control systems such as water refills.
Our system was used for Australasia’s 1st completely off the grid commercial development.

The Wireless Controller System

Install the Wireless Controllers in the wall or ceiling. Suitable for a new build or as a retrofit.
-> Control from GEM Wireless Switches
-> Control from smartphone (requires GEM WiFi Bridge)
-> Trailing edge dimmer
-> 4 GHz Wireless
-> Control 240V AC lights up to 150 watts
-> On/Off only version available control up to 500 watts
-> Installed in-line with each lighting string – mains feed in and loop out to lights.

The Wireless Switch Modules

Connect the wireless switch module to any standard switch mech.
-> No Need to run cables through the walls
-> Simple fit off
-> Pair to controllers with one push
-> Easily set up multi-way switches after installation
-> Each module can pair to one or more controllers.

Surface Mount Wireless Switches

An alternative to the Switch Modules, the surface mount push button switch uses same wireless connection. The switch is complete and requires no extra hardware.
● 1,2, 3 or 4 gang
● Each button has a unique ID for a individual control
● Surface mountable with removable sticky pad or two small screws
● No cutting of wall lining to install
● Install after home fit off
● Operates one or multiple controllers
● Mix with GEM Switch Modules (operates on the same wireless network) Ultra long battery life (sub microAmp technology)

Wi-Fi Bridge App

The Wi-Fi Bridge enables your phone or tablet to control and dim any light in your house. Turn on your front door lights before you arrive home!
● Plugs into your routers ethernet port
● Works from wherever you are in the world
● Lights come on at your pre-set level
● Rename the lighting strings from within the app
● Add or remove controllers
● Embedded encryption for secure use
● Works with GEM Repeater for extended range
● Powered by Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi… is a capable little device that enables people of all ages to explore computing… Raspbery Pi has the ability to interact with the outside world, and has been used in a wide array of digital applications