Switchboard Thermal Imaging Ipswich

We provide accurate and detailed switchboard and RCDs thermal imaging inspection in all of Ipswich. Our certified thermographer uses Fluke thermal imaging camera to identify electrical faults.

We provide detailed insurance compliant thermal imaging report of switchboard, RCDs, panels and distribution boards. 

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Insurance Compliant Switchboard Thermal Imaging Ipswich

Insurance companies are increasingly requesting property owners, business and residence, to conduct thermal imaging inspection of switchboards, RCDs, panels and other electrical systems to gauge the electrical health of the property.

Thermal imaging helps to locate the potential problems in switchboards and confirm that there are no inherent risks that could result in breakdown or fire. This can help prevent or reduce loss, improve readiness, and keep facilities up and running for years to come. Thermal imaging reports help insurance companies to settle claims on electrical failures, structural building faults and water damage.

We provide insurance compliant thermal imaging report upon scanning of switchboards, RCDs, panels and distribution boards.

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Cost of Switchboard Thermal Imaging Ipswich

Thermal imaging is a low cost inspection process. The benefits of thermal imaging inspection outweighs the cost associated with. For a single switchboard thermal imaging inspection, the cost would be in average of AUD 250-300 plus GST. Our certified thermographer conducts a detailed scanning of switchboard and RCDs, and upon which we will provide thermal imaging report highlighting the issue. For an accurate quote, please contact our certified thermographer, either by calling him (0432 685 965) or filling up the Get Quote form as below.

Switchboard Thermal Imaging Report Ipswich

Thermal imaging report is intended to satisfy the requirements as expected by the insurance companies, safety auditors, maintenance/engineering managers for the property inspected in Ipswich, Qld region.

Switchboard thermal imaging report provides information such as,

  • Heat dissipation images from different parts of the switchboards.
  • Image information such as,
    • Emissivity
    • Background Temperature
    • Transmission
    • Image Range
    • Calibration Range
  • Marker Information provides details on Emissivity, Background Temperature, Minimum Temperature, Average Temperature, Maximum Temperature for the Center Point and Cold Point.
  • Report Summary, at the end, is a summary highlighting the issues, operating conditions of the switchboards.

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