Electrical Thermal Imaging Inspection Gold Coast

We provide on-site electrical thermal imaging inspection in all of Gold Coast. We specialize in thermography scanning of switchboards, panels, distribution boards, RCDs., to detect electrical faults and prevent failures. Our certified thermographer conducts accurate thermal imaging inspection. 

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We specialize in thermal imaging inspection of switchboards, electrical panels. RCDs throughout Gold Coast.

Insurance Compliant Electrical Thermal Imaging

Insurance Compliant Electrical Systems’ thermal imaging Inspection Reports across Gold Coast Region Satisfying All Conditions for Insurance of your Business or Residential Properties.

The scope of electrical thermal imaging involves scanning and inspection of switchboards, electrical panels, distribution boards, RCD/breakers, 3 phase electrical circuits and more pertaining to electrical systems. This inspection helps to detect electrical component faults and potential failures in the near future based on the emitted heat. Upon inspection, our certified thermographer will provide a detailed thermal imaging report with the temperature distribution and recommendations and corrective actions to be undertaken, if any. 

Additionally, we offer Test and Tag services in conjunction with thermal imaging. 

Insurance Compliant Thermal Imaging of Electrical Systems for Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan, Ipswich
Wayne Heydon a Level 1 Certified Thermographer for Thermal Imaging Inspection of Electrical Systems across SE Qld, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan, Ipswich

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Thermal Imaging

Hello there. This is Wayne Heydon, a Level 1 Certified Thermographer and Master Electrician, answering your queries on thermal imaging inspection of electrical systems

Thermal imaging inspection of electrical systems should be performed by a Certified Thermographer. A certified thermographer also should have an in-depth understanding and experience as an electrician to accurately detect faults in the electrical systems and the overall health of switchboards, electrical panels, distribution boards, RCDs etc.

Wayne Heydon, has over 30+ years of experience as an electrician and is a certified thermographer serving all of SE QLD, i.e. Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan & Ipswich.

Thermal imaging scanning and inspection on electrical systems is conducted on the critical components to avert any electrical downtime or higher cost of electrical bills. Switchboards, electrical panels, RCDs, distribution boards, electrical motor & drives, safety switches are some of the electrical systems in which thermal imaging scanning and inspection is conducted. Upon inspection, our certified thermographer, Wayne Heydon, will provide you with a detailed report on the electrical system’s health and recommendations.

Thermal imaging is the latest and advanced technology in preventative maintenance planning. We use the latest state-of-the-art camera of Fluke for thermography inspection. Fluke’s thermal imaging camera scans and provides the heat dissipation and temperature distribution of each component of the switchboards and panels. This then helps to accurately detect electrical flaws and the conditioning of it, to avoid any electrical downtime.

The cost of thermal imaging inspection varies depending on the number of electrical systems to be scanned. However, a rough cost estimation of thermal imaging inspection is around $300+ per switchboard. The benefit outweighs the costing of thermal imaging inspection.

For more accurate costing analysis, please contact our certified thermographer, Wayne Heydon, +61432685965 or wayne@encsolutionstoday.com.au or https://encsolutionstoday.com.au/electrical-thermal-imaging-qld/

Yes, we provide thermal imaging in all the suburbs of Gold Coast from Arundel to Yatala. We are a local, family owned business providing electrical, thermal imaging and hot water repair services to the residents and corporate houses from the past 30 years. Wayne Heydon is a 5 Star rated electrician with over 700 reviews by the SE Qld customers. You can check the reviews and ratings at, https://hipages.com.au/connect/wayneheydonelectrical

Any sector which has electrical connection, which means in all sectors and industries, requires thermal imaging inspection. You don’t want electrical downtime or higher cost of electrical bills because of faulty electrical components. Some of the sectors/industries

  • Residential Properties
  • Schools & Educational Institutions
  • Restaurants, Cafes and Hotels
  • Manufacturing & Warehouse
  • Commercial Complexes
  • Government Organizations

Electrical failures have been one of the major causes of massive fire hazards each year across Qld. Annual and adhoc thermal imaging inspection can possibly prevent such failures and fire hazards. So thermal imaging can be said to be a safety protocol to be followed. Insurance companies are now demanding thermal imaging inspection reports.

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Thermal Imaging Inspection for Homes & Business Properties of Gold Coast

Gold Coast, the second largest city in Qld after Brisbane and sixith over all in Australia, is a home for 600,000 plus inhabitants. Gold Coast, Qld is a major tourist and leisure destination and is also a home to theme parks, national parks alike.

There are in excess of 74000 registered and active GST businesses in the Gold Coast city. The major industries in the Gold Coast, Qld are construction, real estate services, hospitality and professional and technical services.

Thermal imaging is by far the most advanced and accurate technology to determine the overall electrical health infrastructure. Thermal imaging of electrical systems is to be done by a certified thermographer and is not DIY job.

Our thermal imaging scanning of electrical services is available in all areas and suburbs of Gold Coast, Qld, from Arundel to Yatala. Thermal imaging inspection is performed in the normal working condition. Upon inspection, we provide detailed thermal imaging report. The thermal imaging report identifies load factor, faulty components etc.

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Thermal Imaging Scanning of Switchboards

ENC Solutions Today provides a detailed thermal imaging/thermographic scanning of electrical panels and switchboards of residential and commercial properties in all of Gold Coast. It's a non-destructive methodology to check the potential and possible flaws and failures in the electrical connections and components of switchboards.

Thermographic survey of switchboards can detect,

Thermal Imaging of 3 Phase Electrical Circuits

Thermal imaging is a non-contact way to detect electrical problems and faults. Thermal imaging testing can be performed during a normal operating condition which makes it a viable solution. Thermal imaging cameras are rugged, easy to use and a realistic solution to everyday electrical inspection and maintenance procedures.

Thermal imaging scanning captures thermal images of electrical panels and other high load connection points, including drives, disconnectors, and controls. Comparing all three electrical phases side by side, temperature differences can be analyzed. A cooler than normal circuit or leg might signal a failed component. More heavily loaded phases will appear warmer. Hot conductors may be undersized or overloaded. However, an unbalanced load, an overload, a bad connection, and harmonics can all create a similar pattern.

Thermal Imaging Electrical Contractor in Gold Coast:

Qualified and Certified Thermographer. Electrician with 30+ Years of Experience. Professional Service. 5 Star Customer Rating

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Thermal Imaging Scanning of Motors and Drives

Electric motors being critical element for the industries, any kind of sudden failure can lead to loss of revenues. Infrared thermography helps to analyze the functionality and conditioning of electric motor in normal operating condition, based on the temperature distribution. Thermal imaging inspection of electrical motor and drives includes that of gearbox, couplings, shafts, connections.

ENC Solutions Today provides thermal imaging inspection of electric motors and drives for industries and businesses of Gold Coast, Qld. Thermal imaging job is performed by level 1 certified thermographer.

Protect Your Property and Assets

Infrared Electrical Thermography is a useful tool that can recognize stressed areas of your property’s electrical elements before they breakdown or cause fire. 

A detailed thermographic scanning survey of electrical cabinets, breakers, panels, fuses, bolted connections, switchgears and all of electrical circuits is carried out. 

Thermal Imaging Predicts and Protects your Residential and Commercial Property.

Test and Tag with Thermal Imaging

Test and Tag can be done in conjunction with thermal imaging. All portable electrical appliances in commercial and industrial buildings must pass safety tests that are carried out in accordance with AS/NZS3760 industry rules.. Electrician/certified thermographer at ENC Solutions Today will issue compliance tags and record of your equipment in our database. We will protect you, your team, your clients, and your assets from any potential risks associated with utilizing faulty equipment by using an advanced test and tag service.Any commercial installation must use thermal imaging in addition to visual and physical inspections such as test and tag as a significant method of reducing the danger of outages and fire to companies.

Detailed thermal imaging scanning report with electrical system by Wayne Heydon
Detailed thermal imaging scanning report with electrical system by Wayne Heydon

Thermal Imaging Reports

Upon infrared thermographic scanning and inspection of electrical system of your property, our certified thermographer will present you with a detailed thermal imaging report highlighting the overall health of the electrical infrastructure. Possible action if to be undertaken will be advised. This thermal imaging report can be used for defects liability acceptance reports,